Thursday, February 11, 2010

Turn the Lights Off!

Switching gears a bit today....Let's talk about the Black & Decker Power Monitor.

(I didn't get any time to doodle on more pictures and I can hear Vance stomping around upstairs, so I've got about 3 minutes before I need to go check that out. Here goes.)

The Power Monitor. You hook it up to your electric meter and it remotely tracks your energy consumption. I thought it sounded boring too, at first. I take it all back, because it's really interesting. Turn a light on and the number jumps, turn it off and it goes back down. It really serves as a reminder to turn the things off that we aren't using. And there's a mode that lets you see what a certain appliance, light, etc. costs all by itself to run. It's nuts, Junior, nuts.

Here's the monitor. And I'm not being paid to write about this.

That's enough about that.

I'm happy that flowers are cheap at Trader Joe's. We bought two bouquets the last time we were there and now the lily's are blooming and it's smelling great in here. (Fun fact: the smell of lily's always remind me of my sister's wedding.)

Vance wants to be a Troodon because they're the smartest dinosaur, have a big hook on their toe, and can see in the dark. Vaughn buckled a stegosaurus into her booster seat and pretended to feed it, then rocked it afterwards, thus proving that everyone is still dino crazy around here.

It's Thursday, grocery shopping day, and the sun is shining. Vance and I took the winter wreath down from the front door yesterday in hopes to bring spring sooner. Hope it works!

2 Responses to “Turn the Lights Off!”

  1. I. want. that. monitor! where did you find it?

    maybe I should take my wreath down in hopes of ushering spring in sooner?!! I JUST packed up the last of the Christmas decor Monday night. crazy i tell ya!

  2. My mom got if for Justin for xmas. not sure where. try amazon. i'm convinced you can find anything there.



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