Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I spent some of my precious time on Friday making a new picture for Vaughn's room. Everything was going great until the last step and it became clear that this wouldn't be working out the way I imagined. I had to scrap everything and am now trying to figure out Plan B.

On Friday night I picked out new glasses and picked them up on Saturday. Since then I've been back 4 times for them to be readjusted. They still are uncomfortable and it sucks because I really like how they look, but obviously they just aren't working out. So I'm going to need to take them back and look for another style. Sounds easy, but Vaughn doesn't do errands, especially ones that require her to quietly sit still for more than 15 seconds.

Today I called about an insurance bill that I received yesterday. It was for a doctor's appointment back in 2008. There's all sorts of wrong going on there and the lady said she'd send it back in for Review. I can't imagine how sucky this lady's job is. I was extra nice when even you could tell she was frustrated with what was going on.

I'm sure no one is still reading, as this could be one of the dullest entries. It's Tuesday, which means Lost is on and Parenthood. Are you guys watching that? I want it to do well because I loved the original movie with Steve Martin. I missed Kell on Earth last night and the Housewives from last week. Where are my priorities???

Yesterday was a weird day. Full of things that normally don't happen on a Monday. I'm a little out of whack today because of it and even though Vaughn is still napping, I'm already looking forward to bedtime. It's Sheet Day around here, off to make that happen.

3 Responses to “Blah”

  1. do you watch modern family?
    its amazing!!!

  2. we're still reading

  3. We watched our first episode of Modern Family last week and it did seem funny. Will have to set it to tape.



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