Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Rundown

  • Vaughn is currently on somewhat of a hunger strike.
  • She loves being outside.
  • She loves shoes, but has to be in the right mood to try them on. Every pair we tried yesterday ended up with shouts of, "Don't wike it!"
  • She currently has limited summer clothes. Nothing is fitting from last season and everything that I bought yesterday doesn't fit, thus proving that she's still a pain to find clothes for.
  • Vance is noted by his teachers as being one of the best eaters at school. (Lunch is provided at school, we don't pack lunch for him.) This amazes me because he still doesn't eat much at home.
  • He loves being outside.
  • Is starting to read more than a few sight words, which is really cool and freaking me out at the same time.
  • Not complaining at all, but where did Spring go? Mid 80's is summer and if it continues we'll be turning the AC on soon.
  • Loving that we've been able to spend so much time outside. We ate dinner al fresco for the first time this season last night and it was great.
  • The picture above shows how Vance has been showing Vaughn how to ride the tricycle. Yes her shoes are on the wrong feet, but she did it herself and was really proud.
  • Have run out of time.
Have a great day!

One Response to “Friday Rundown”

  1. isn't it crazy how fast they grow up?! my oldest will be ELEVEN in May. i'm freaking out and trying to prevent Ella from growing up as fast - in the blink of an eye. sigh.....

    We left the park today and Ella cried the whole way home because she wanted to go for a "wide in the stwoller"



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