Friday, May 28, 2010

Elbow Room

The previous owners of this house landscaped everything as if nothing would grow. I think the house is now 6 years old and all trees, shrubs, and flowers are full grown and fighting each other for space to breathe.

Everything that is planted and they way it's arranged is nothing that we would ever do, but we're trying to work with it and just make it look better. We started pulling shrubs out a couple of days ago and are planning on doing more work tonight. We don't want to throw perfectly good plants away, but we don't know where to go with most.

I counted 26 (or 29?) boxwoods that are in the front of our house. I haven't even started counting the day lilies, which are all big enough to be separated into smaller plants. There's no telling what shape the yard will be in for Vance's birthday party tomorrow night. Which now thinking could work to our advantage. No one is going home without taking a shrub with them!


One Response to “Elbow Room”

  1. if you want your plants thinned out just let me know. ;)
    i can give them a good 'second' home.



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