Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gassed Up

When the weather turns to Grilling Season we always face the same problem: We've run out of gas.

Normally an easy fix, but we're us and "easy" things are always more challenging. We were gratefully given a free grill, but the knee slapper is that you can't use the exchangeable propane tanks. It must be refilled.

Before we moved back here we were going to get a new grill, but then with the chaos of having a baby and not having a house yet, we forgot about the grill. (Priorities, I tell ya...)

Fast forward two years later and we still own the same grill. Springtime sends me driving around industrial parts of town that I normally never visit in search of propane.

I scored some last Friday, so we're back in the grilling business. Unfortunately for the grill, the first thing we grilled was organic, all natural, nitrate, and nitrite free hot dogs. I'm sure it was hoping for something meatier and manlier.

Maybe Justin too.

One Response to “Gassed Up”

  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    those dogs sound nasty!

    the mayor



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