Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update! One long rambling paragraph!

Sick Vance on Friday. Worked on getting grass to grow on Saturday. Trip to the mall with mom and aunt on Saturday. Found big deals. Dinner with the 'rents that night. Kids found a random sunflower growing in the yard. Still can't believe that one. Vaughn fell down the stairs on our deck. She's okay, scrape on nose, chin, and knee. Picture day for her on Tuesday. Think they'll be healed by then. Went to get ice cream. Pool on Sunday. Weather was great. Vaughn took a nap, Justin went to hit golf balls. Vance and I hit golf balls in the backyard and he got stung by a bee. First time for him. Dinner, baths, and Emmy's. Apparently, we need to start watching Modern Family and Mad Men and see Temple Grandin and You Don't Know Jack. Vaughn and I will be going to buy more paint today. Think I've decided on a color scheme for the girl's Birthday Banners. Last piece of the puzzle before I can officially start to sell them again. Excited about that. Selling them, that is. Not about taking Vaughn with me to get paint.

That was our weekend. How was yours?

6 Responses to “Weekend Update! One long rambling paragraph!”

  1. We LOVE Modern Family! Haven't seen the others.

  2. YES! Start watching Modern Family and Mad Men! Two of my faves - wish I could send you the first season of Modern Family from my Tivo and 3 seasons of Mad Men. I'm running out of space. grrrr.

  3. We watched You Don't Know Jack last night. G had it recorded. It was interesting. It was also interesting to see the real Dr. Jack in the audience of the Emmy's later.

  4. Loving all these comments! Thanks, guys!

    We were surprised to see Jack at the Emmy's too! We'll have to start clearing room on our DVR to allow for all these new shows to tape. How did we ever watch TV without DVR's and TiVo's? Even Vance now says, "Pause it, I gotta go to the bathroom!"

  5. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Good weekend. Ricky Gervais was great at the Emmy's. I really thought Kevorkian was in jail somewhere. Looking forward to the hustle and bustle of the Labor Day weekend. Little upset with your lack of pictures lately.

    Michael W. Anderson

  6. Since we've been home so much in the evenings with the baby, we just started watching Modern Family this summer and love it! We've also started watching Community and I find that one somewhat hilarious!



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