Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Survivor & Surviving

Survivor: a new season starts tonight. Surviving: what we've been trying to do around here due to Vaughn phasing out of naps.

We're in that tough stage where she isn't taking a nap but she still really needs a nap. Without getting into details just know that from 4:00 on she's A Mess and I count down the hours until bedtime.

What's getting me through this is the simple fact that once we're finally over this hurdle I know I'm done. Just like potty training and other "milestones". Done, done, and done. I love checking them off my mental list. (The next ones for Vaughn are getting her into a booster style car seat and getting rid of sippy cups. Can't. Wait.)

Isn't it crazy that this one little tutu wearing, dirt digging, 2 year old can cause such a ruckus?

(Taken on a warm day, last fall.)

Enjoy the weather today and Survivor tonight! Wait! I know we just had pizza on Monday, but it seemed wrong to not have pizza on Survivor night, so we're making pizza's this time around. These, to be exact, using some of the sauce that I froze from summer. Have a good day!

2 Responses to “Survivor & Surviving”

  1. what???!!! no more naps?!!! I would make Micah and Isaac take naps if I could. lol Ella still sleeps for 3 hours. i am scared for the day she gives them up. momma needs a break. hang in there!! She'll adjust and 4pm wont seem so bad.

  2. Samuel is phasing out naps too, but he really needs one still He napped once this week, but only for about 45 minutes. The only good thing about him not napping is that he is so tired by 7pm and we can have him sound asleep by 7:30 at the latest. That makes for a much nicer evening for Dave and I. From 4 on at our house too it is madness. I feel your pain, sister!



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