Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Toothpaste & Psgetti

I've been doing more deleting of posts lately than actually posting them. I start something but by the time I get back to the computer to finish writing everything seems irrelevant and annoying. 

I guess that's the problem with writing about daily minutia.

But before I sign off, here's two gems from today.

1. Vance comes to me and tells me that his tummy hurts. We start to talk about it and I ask him if he thinks it's because of something he ate. 

Vance: It's probably all that toothpaste I've been eating.

Me: Wha? You've been eating toothpaste?

Vance: Yeah, I like to squirt it right into my mouth. 

After shaking my head we had a little convo about the right and wrong way to use toothpaste.  

2. Vaughn usually doesn't like to be rocked before bed, but for some reason she wanted to tonight so I took full advantage. 

Vaughn: Mama, guess what? (She's whispering)

Me: What?

Vaughn: Psgetti is very noodly.

Me: You're absolutely right. Psgetti is very noodly. Thank you for telling me that. 

Vaughn: You're welcome. I'd like to lay down now.  


There you go. A glimpse into our everyday. Boys experimenting with squirting toothpaste into their mouths (and outing themselves) and girls with squishy cheeks mispronouncing and making up words to express their big ideas. I wouldn't have it any other way.





6 Responses to “Toothpaste & Psgetti”

  1. That's hilarious that Vance is eating toothpaste!!!! OMG-miss those kids and you and JMac too:) Have a great weekend! XO

  2. Oops...signed in under Mark does this keep happening??????

  3. extremely cute stuff ! :)

  4. kids are awesome!
    I love it!

  5. Anonymous3:50 PM

    love the blogs charisa dee..michael



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