Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ant Hotel

What do these pictures have in common?

I could watch both scenarios for hours. 

The top pictures are from our last trip to Vegas. The cranes were working together to set pieces of stone and workers then welding them together.

It was beautiful to watch.

Same thing with the ants. I was totally skeptical of inviting 30 29 ants into our house, but have enjoyed watching them work. 

(We had one casualty, which isn't too shabby considering they spent a couple of hours in the hot mailbox. Sorry ladies, didn't know you were in there!)

We all have ant fever now, even Vaughnie who now likes to draw them. 

Pretty good considering she just turned 3
After Vance had fallen asleep one night I moved them from his nightstand up onto his dresser. I don't know why, they just seemed a little too close. Vance noticed and woke me up in the middle of the night to ask me about it. From a deep sleep I told him I didn't want the ants to get out and climb up his nose. Made sense to him. 

They're still slowly chewing on the seal of the lid, so the tape is staying on. Why did we get the misfit ants? 

I think the word is out that we're hoteling bugs because right now a cicada just landed on the window closest to me and appears to be requesting a room with a view. Sorry buddy, no vacancies! 

Have a great Thursday! 

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  1. wow very interesting. I could see watching ants work like that



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