Friday, June 03, 2011

Kindergarten: Been There, Done That.

First Day of Kindergarten:

Last Day of Kindergarten:

On the first day we had to literally (lovingly) push him onto the bus. 

Today, the last day, he wanted to walk out by himself and dodged my kiss before getting onto the bus. 

What a little stinker.

I thought we had a few more years before that started to happen.

He was given the Super Etiquette award yesterday at school.

(I didn't even know there was an award for that, but am loving the title. Not just an Etiquette award - the Super Etiquette award.)

Kindergarten, See Ya!

2 Responses to “Kindergarten: Been There, Done That.”

  1. So cute...
    Tell him I said "Congrats"

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    he's growing up.




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