Friday, June 10, 2011

Lemon Suckers

I needed something to entertain the kids last night while I cleaned up from dinner. They had had enough of each other and going off to play would only cause more bickering. 

I saw the lemon and knew I had leftover candy canes from Christmas in the pantry. 


Growing up, one of my childhood friends mom was a chef. She used to make these for us. 

Really you want to use more "gourmet" (for lack of the correct word) candy canes. I'm not sure of the brand, but they're short, fat, and look more like sticks rather than canes. 

The old school ones that I used work okay. Both ends need to be snapped off to be able to suck through them.

Jab them into the middle of the lemon. 

And viola! Treat for the kids!

Worked like a (sticky) charm!

Have a great Friday! Our fingers and toes are crossed for rain!

One Response to “Lemon Suckers”

  1. What a brilliant idea. It would really make them busy for quite some time and would let you finish those chores. I just love this very cool idea that I want to give this a try too with my nieces.



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