Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My current campaign

I have roughly 48 days to convince Vaughn to want to be Super Girl for Halloween.

She doesn't know it but I bought this costume on clearance last year. She tends to be a little rough on costumes so that's why I never gave it to her. 

I normally don't do this type of thing but I had Wonder Woman underoo's when I was little and I found myself a little nostalgic in the Target aisle that day. 

From here on out I'll be talking up Super Girl. We'll see if she takes the bait or if I'll be buying yet another princessy ensemble. 

Parenthood is on tonight! Survivor tomorrow! Any new shows that you're excited about this season?

6 Responses to “My current campaign”

  1. 2nd the underoo's, Wonder Woman all the way! Both my girls want to be flower girls.

    I love Modern Family and want to check out Up all Night.

  2. I think Up all Night looks good too. I've only seen one episode of Modern Family and it was hilarious! I think it premiere's next week. I should schedule all this on my DVR right now while I'm thinking about it. I'll now I'll forget!

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    modern family - must see.


  4. Both my girls are wearing this same costume this year. I bought them on clearance last year too - that's the only way to do it in my opinion. It's criminal what they want you to pay full price!! I too had the Wonder Woman underoo's as a kid :)

  5. Our favs are The Amazing Race, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, The Office...just to name a few.

    New shows that we've started watching; Revenge, Person of Interest, Playboy Club, Pan Am & Terra Nova...NONE of them are all that good and NONE of them will take the place of Lost.

  6. All the shows I like usually get canceled after the first season, such as Men of a Certain Age, Detroit 187 & Rubicon.

    Oh, we like Dexter, but we're watching them from NetFlix.



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