Friday, September 30, 2011

Yesterday I was able to accomplish 3 of the 4 goals that I talked about. I'll let you guess which one didn't happen. 

I did manage to stay strong at the grocery store when I passed the Nutella, but I did pick Halloween Oreo's. I don't do that often and thought it would be a nice surprise for the kids. 

Vaughn woke up talking about the cookies and has since been trying to talk me into giving her one or ten. As she was finishing breakfast I told her maybe she could have one after lunch. In return she suggested that we could just call breakfast 'lunch' and eat the cookies now. That's been her most clever act of persuasion as of yet. 

In other Vaughnie news, a moth flew in last the house last night. She doesn't know the difference between moths and butterflies so this is pretty exciting to her. She's been chasing it around and  trying to get it to land on her finger. Poor moth. 

Off to gymnastics class. 

Happy Friday! 



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  1. funny!!
    nutella doesnt last long in this house. its my vice!!

    how are gymnastics classes going? i've been talking about putting ella in tumbling for a while. it was a bribe to get her to wear panties. ;) dangle the carrot, baby!



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