Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hair Fail: Headband Curls

This technique looked easy enough for me to handle. I was wrong. 

I've been burdened with this No Hair-do trait my entire life. It comes as a slight surprise because I consider myself to be good with my hands. I can draw fruit, I can sculpt a dinosaur, yet I cannot achieve a simple messy ponytail. Some of you may even remember my sad attempts with hot rollers. The only technique I can handle is flat ironing. And that's questionable. 

Here's what I think went wrong:

When you tuck your hair it needs to be done neatly and orderly. It would help me to have a tighter fitting headband. I have a child-sized head so adult headbands just slip away. My headband slipped down so my curls kinks started at the nape of my neck which looked silly.

Silliness. That's about all I achieved from this. It made for a good laugh in the morning though. Someone give it a try and let me know if it worked for you. Skip that giant flower though. 

2 Responses to “Hair Fail: Headband Curls”

  1. didnt watch the video, but is this the one where you wrap sections of your hair around a hippy style headband? and sleep like that?
    dont agonize over it too long - didnt work for me either. :( i made the mistake of not having a softer headband (only the thin elastic kind) and it left a mark on my forehead until 9pm the next night. awesome. no curls and a huge line across my forehead.

  2. Thanks, Tash! I don't feel as inadequate now!



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