Thursday, November 10, 2011

If I could get Tupac and Karen Carpenter to do a duet I'd be in heaven.

I like background noise. Nothing loud, but just enough to break up the quiet around the house. 

(Sidebar: If I ever fall tragically into a coma and am in the hospital, skip the flowers and please bring music. Preferably Tupac's greatest hits album. Or maybe Paul Simon. Or the White Stripes. I'm pretty much open to anything except the twangy stuff.) 

I won't lie. We've been listening to Christmas music pretty much non-stop this week. Yes, I'm one of those people and so are the kids. Don't give me any crap about it either. However we're all too jolly around here to even care if you did. That's a side effect, you know. That and wanting cookies and hot chocolate. 

When it's not Christmas music it's Pandora. The Radio for Kids Radio isn't that bad. Yes, there are some sickly-sweet kid songs but there's also Regina Spektor, Florence and the Machine, Adele, Buddy Holly, and Bob Marley. (I haven't found a Pandora channel that doesn't play Bob Marley. He's everywhere.) It's a random mix and I like that.

What do you listen to with your kids?

That's where I leave you today. Have a great Thursday! 

2 Responses to “If I could get Tupac and Karen Carpenter to do a duet I'd be in heaven.”

  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    While I don't have any children, I do love me some Christmas music! And that's all year round... like errrryday. :)

    Glad there are others getting in the festive mood early too! xo :)

  2. Thanks Gia, your comment made my day!



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