Wednesday, December 07, 2011

We haven't moved & here's why

I'm gonna cut right to the chase... 

We haven't moved in yet. 


Here was the plan:

Movers pack us up on Thursday. We stay at a hotel that night. Close first thing Friday morning. Movers start unpacking right after. We had all of our appointments lined up. Justin had taken off work. Vance was to start school on Monday. Everything was perfectly planned.  

Here's what really happened:

Movers did pack us up on Thursday. We did stay at a hotel that night. We did go to close on Friday morning...and walked out 4 hours later homeless. With only two changes of clothes packed.  Instead of moving into our new house we moved in to my parents house. Again. Instead of unpacking boxes we spent the rest of the day on the phone canceling installation appointments.

Here's why this happened:

There was a glitch in our buyer's paperwork. Not with the funding, as most would assume, but the appraiser had forgotten to write down the lot dimension of the house on the initial paperwork. It was corrected and resubmitted but it was flagged for "quality assurance" by their lender. (Kinda like being at the airport and being selected for random searching.) Because they (the buyers of our house) were using a large bank it took extra time to fix.

This is our 4th house and we've never had anything like this happen. All realtors involved have never had anything like this happen. I still can't believe it. 

Here's what we have been doing:

We took a family picture with Santa and a real reindeer. We took a drive and saw Eagles on the River Road. I took the kids to the children's museum yesterday. Justin has been going to work in jeans and tennis shoes because all his work clothes are in the moving van. We've been taking turns adding ice to the coolers that have the contents of our refrigerator in them.
We've been trying to make the best of this nightmare of a situation. I'm not going to lie, there's been crying and down times. I braced myself for the worse - having to move back in to our old house. The kids have been a mess and are out of sorts. Vaughn melted the other day, crying and yelling that she "just wanted to go home". We're all feeling it. 

However, today is the day!

The paperwork finally went through late Monday afternoon. We closed yesterday and the movers are coming today! 

It's Moving Day! For real!

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  1. dang girl! that is a bite in the shorts. did you save some of that wine after the movers came? ugh!! good luck today!!!

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