Monday, January 09, 2012

Weekend Highlights

This weather! We made many trips to a new park that has great walking trails. Unfortunately on our last trip Vaughn tripped and scraped her hand and her knees pretty badly. Oops.

Vance read in a newspaper that Giant Boa Constrictor's are invading Florida and felt it was necessary to call and alert my parents. He didn't want a guilty conscience in case anything happened and he knew such information. As an added bonus he also told them the differences between crocodiles and alligators, just to be on the safe side.

We finished painting Vance's room and rearranged his furniture. While we're still needing shelves, curtains, and may paint some decorative stripes around the top of the room in the future, it feels so good to have one room close to being done

We picked up yet another paint sample. I was for sure it was the one. It's not. But we're getting closer.  

Justin and I watched Inception. Or did I just dream that we watched it?

For Christmas I got a frother that didn't work. I sent it back and the replacement was sent to my parent's house. It worked out nicely as we swooped by and picked it up last night on our way to our nephew's birthday party. Last night, cake. This morning, froth. A win win.

Today? I have to take my scraped up ballerina to ballerina class. Then to pick up more paint samples.

Happy Monday! 


2 Responses to “Weekend Highlights”

  1. Send me a pic of Vance's room....I would love to see it finished!

  2. V is taking ballerina classes?!! That is all E is talking about nowadays. she even wakes up and tells me about dreams of ballerinas. so cute. i need to look into classes... add it to my list.



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