Monday, February 27, 2012

Which Meant

Sunday morning: I got up early to shower and get ready for the day. Normally I don't do this and when we decide to do something I'm the one that takes the longest to get ready. But not today! Oh, the possibilities! Justin had been gone the entire week before and who knows what the day would bring. I was just happy to not be the only adult in the house. 

Backstory: When moving into this house almost 3 months ago we discovered that the stairs that lead to the basement are too small to fit most basement type things down. This has lead to a backlog of furniture that we don't know what to do with. The couch is part of the backlog inventory. 
We decided that we're tired of the couch being in the office: 

  • which meant we had to move it into the garage
  • which meant we then had to shrink wrap it.
  • which meant that we had to clean out the garage so we could make room for it
  • which meant I got up early, showered, and got ready to...
clean out the garage

The day, however, ended on a high note with a picnic-style Happy Hour, guacamole, the red carpet, and my favorite 3 people watching the Oscars. (Oscar, oscar! I like Billy Crystal...)   

4 Responses to “Which Meant”

  1. i don't think my last comment posted....why did you shower before cleaning out the garage silly?? Glad you enjoyed the red carpet...I missed it this year...

  2. We actually cleaned our garage on Sunday too! It sooo needed it!

  3. tasha roe7:31 PM

    we had the same problem with our house. ikea furniture did the trick! the couch came in a box about the size of a twin mattress.

  4. Tash, that's brilliant. I never thought of the flat-pack furniture options!



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