Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vocab Word for the Day

Dirty Money: 
[dur-tee] adjective, [muhn-ee] noun

1. The $150 in small bills we received for the washer and dryer pedestals we recently sold on Craigslist. The money is dirty, crumply, as is the envelope that it was in. 

Yes, it's money and we're beyond thankful that someone was up for buying the pedestals that we no longer use.

But I wonder where was the money before? Why so crumply? Stuffed in a shoebox? Mason jar? Under a mattress? 

All money is dirty. This money just seems extra dirty. 


In other news,

this is what's happening in the dining room. 

The colors are totally off in the picture. Everything is extra bright for some reason.

Believe it or not, there's two light gray samples on the right. If you squint you can see they're just a bit different. 

I think we've decided on a color and it only took 6 samples! It took 14 samples for deciding the "all-over" color - we're getting better at this!

Happy Wednesday!

2 Responses to “Vocab Word for the Day”

  1. omg...glad to hear that you picked a color! Cheers to that job being over!

  2. I'm already reconsidering. It's a sickness!



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