Friday, April 06, 2012

Still Got It Bad: Update

It's never a good sign when the doctor backs away from you. 

That's what mine did this morning. 

Backed up and positioned himself in the corner. 


The poison ivy isn't getting better, even on meds, so hopefully the steroid shot that I got today will help. Help it stop spreading, help it stop itching, help it stop everything.

The Doc gave me a lifelong free pass from doing yard work and suggested we had professionals come in and check the rest of the yard. 

And because life sometimes throws everything at you all at once: As I was called to step inside the reception area to update my new information for the doctor I left the kids in the waiting area. I could still see them through the nurses window and it would only be a couple of minutes. In that short time Vaughn threw up all over herself and Vance (from motion sickness). They were so scared. I felt horrible. It was a mess. 

Happy and thankful to say that we made it back home, got cleaned up, Vance made lunch for everyone and that we're relaxing watching a movie.

I hope my next update is a good one and that I'm able to share a new project that was put on hold during this detour.

:::Happy Easter!::: 

4 Responses to “Still Got It Bad: Update”

  1. Kristin3:53 PM

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck!!! Sorry to hear that--what a day!! Hope your shot works. You and Justin might have to have a little happy hour this evening....

  2. Oh my gosh. I can't believe it. I am truly sorry for you and Justin. Thank goodness the kids didn't get this. I really hope you guys get better soon. Happy Easter!!

  3. Thanks guys. Justin is doing better. Seems that I may be more allergic. I wish alcohol sounded good as it may dull the pain. Working through the side effects of the meds! Hope it's finally downhill from here!

  4. oh no. it's just going from bad to worse, isn't it? and poor vaughn...

    just popped over really quick to take a peak at how you were doing :)

    i'll "see" you tomorrow when your shoes post goes up!



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