Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Update: Heat Advisory? Let's Go To The Zoo Edition!


On Saturday I took the kids to the Firehouse for a tour. 

Didn't know you could do that? Yes! Just give them a call and ask to schedule a tour. It's free! Firemen are the nicest! They give the kids free swag at the end! It's educational and you'll enjoy it too. I did!


We have a track record of only going to the zoo when it's going to be in the upper 90's. This year is no different.

(I have no idea why we do this. It's horrible for all parties involved. Someone remind me to go in the fall. Or the spring. Really, any other time then the dead of summer.)

The new sea lion exhibit is open! In the picture above, see where the man with the backpack and sunglasses is? That's where I was when claustrophobia struck and I HAD TO EXIT THE TUNNEL OF DOOM LIKE NOW. 

I did snap one picture before exiting. 

We did watched the sea lion show too, which was only so-so I thought. 

Baby Kenzie the elephant. So cute!

A rare picture of me and the kids. I'm usually the one taking the pictures so there's never any pictures of me, which I kind of prefer. I'm trying to get more comfortable on the other side of the camera. Here we are, all hot and sweaty!

We routinely celebrate a trip to the zoo with lunch at the Boat House, but yesterday it was too crowded. We opted for Vietnamese instead, clearly the Yin to the Boat House's Yang.  

And just like that, it's Monday again.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

One Response to “Weekend Update: Heat Advisory? Let's Go To The Zoo Edition!”

  1. despite the heat it sounds like you all had a great weekend.

    Monday definitely came too fast



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