Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday 5: San Antonio Edition

It's Friday! Here's 5 things that I am toasting to tonight!

(I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Vance got sick and we had to cancel a trip that we had planned. Thankfully, we were able to reschedule and with fingers crossed and breath held, no one got else got sick and we were able spend a long weekend in San Antonio visiting family.)

1. Cheers to The Alamo!
Unfortunately, I will always Remember the Alamo being 105 degrees outside and crowded. We did a ceremonial walk around then walked straight on to dinner where cold beers and margaritas cooled us down.

2. Cheers to Sea World!
 My favorite part of Sea World were the dolphins 

and the sharks

and the sea lions. Choosing was hard, so I chose not to.
Sea World is the only place that kids will get excited about a pile of dead fish. Seriously, try handing them a dead fish at home and see what happens.  

3. Cheers to Cooling Towels!
Here Vaughn models (and hoards) her aunt and uncle's cooling towels. I had never heard of these before this day but will soon be ordering enough to sew Vaughn an entire outfit made out of these. Vaughn melts at 74 degrees celsius, making summer activities a pain. This idea may buy us a few hours.  

4. Cheers to Family!
We had such a great time on this overdue trip! We executed a perfect balance of sightseeing and downtime, so it never seemed rushed. I remember being little and visiting my cousins on vacation, hopefully we can do this more often so Vance and Vaughn can have the same type of memories. 
However! I am hoping the next time we decide to visit San Antonio that it is in the winter and not in the summer.   


5. Cheers to Everything Else!
Cooler outside temps, tail ends of colds, teacher meet and greet tonight followed by dinner out. It is going to be a good weekend!

Cheers! What are you toasting to?

3 Responses to “Friday 5: San Antonio Edition”

  1. Love your post! Great trip!

  2. sounds like a great trip. We just returned form a week in FL. Where do you find the cooling towels? This is something I would be interested in looking into

  3. Hi Michelle! I just did a quick Google search and there's a ton of different ones - take a look there. I'm guessing a sporting goods store would have them too. It's finally starting to cool down for us, hope it's starting for you too!



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