Monday, August 13, 2012

My Intended Post for Today

I did not finish my intended post last night because Vance wanted to play Uno and what kind of monster says no to that? 

I did not finish my intended post this morning because I played remote control cars with the kids then made them cocoa and toast for breakfast. 

I will not be finishing my intended post now because school starts tomorrow and this is our last morning to be Goofballs Without Schedules. (Until later this afternoon when we get to go and meet Vaughn's new teacher.)

Have a great day and make it fun!

2 Responses to “My Intended Post for Today”

  1. they kids asked me if they could have rootbeer floats for breakfast. i said no and i regret it.
    maybe for lunch?
    enjoy your last day. ours starts tomorrow too.

  2. Do it Tash! Have some fun! Hope you and your little lady have something fun planned for tomorrow while the guys are away!



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