Monday, October 22, 2012

Fish Gotta Swim, Kids Gotta Eat

Recently, one of my Party Sardy's glue loosened and fell, crashing into tiny pieces. Ironically enough he dove straight into the toilet which is where most household fish end up. 

(What we have here is a Magic Bullet sort of thing. The ceramic sardine in question was glued above the one you see pictured. One would think that when the glue gave way the fish would have fallen straight down, knocking off the other Party Sardy's hat, maybe even getting stuck on top. Or even possibly landing on the window sill. But no, this fish jumped, then went out about a foot and landed silently in the toilet bowl. All kids have alibis.)

Even while ready for a party he looks so lonely up there.


In other non-remarkable news, Vaughn now takes cooking classes as offered through her school as an enrichment class. (Which is code for Not Free.) If you've read this blog before you may have noticed that I tend to do stuff with the kids. Stuff just like this. That I don't have to pay for. 


Because I love her dearly and felt sorry for the Enrichment Teacher having to explain to her every week why she couldn't come to cooking class I signed her up. And she was so excited about her first class. 

What we have here is a 7 eyed Halloween Monster made from homemade chocolate chip cookies and about 2 pounds of frosting, marshmallows, and candy. She loved every minute of class! The monster was super cute and giant enough to split with Vance.

Hope Monday treats you well!

One Response to “Fish Gotta Swim, Kids Gotta Eat”

  1. You should have MythBusters figure out if a fish that is glued to a package on the wall will fall straight down or jump away from the package and into the closest water feature.

    Cool class for your daughter.



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