Monday, January 07, 2013

Better in 2013

Moving ahead and not mentioning the New Year doesn't seem right, so here's a little blurb for prosperity's sake. 

I like the idea of using a word or a phrase to give intent to the upcoming year but I have not committed to one yet. If I had to choose right now it would be better. Not because last year wasn't good, I would just like everything to be a little bit better than before. Always improving. I would like to be a better writer, so that this blog is better. I'd like to work on being a better person, so that I'm a better mom and wife. Those sorts of things.  

Here's to being Better in 2013!

Now that's said and done, let's get back to business! On the craft front, I'll be back tomorrow with what I made for the Midwest 12 Days of Christmas. On the food front, I'll be attempting broccoli and cheddar soup in the Vitamix tonight.  

Happy Monday!

Uh Oh! A Problem: I have just realized that my feeds have not been showing up in Google Reader since November 28 - or at least it's not showing up in mine. If you follow me through Google Reader and it is working for you will you please let me know? Thanks so much! 


One Response to “Better in 2013 ”

  1. Great post, Charisa. I agree...constantly striving to be better than the year before. I like this thought!



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