Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow day and No snow. Yet.

Clearly, school has been cancelled because of snow. 

Look at it out there - a winter wonderland.

Actually, Vance's school was cancelled due to the threat of a big storm heading our way. I just checked and it isn't supposed to hit us until around 1:00 which means I could still send Vaughn to school (hers wasn't cancelled). 


At first I just thought we'd all stay home but the more I think about it she's definitely going. She loves school and I pay for it even if she's not there. Plus, since the storm is supposed to hit late there's a good chance that school will be cancelled for tomorrow too which would make it a 4 day weekend.

Yikes! I think I'll choose sanity for today!

Have a great day! 

We have snow and ice already! Earlier than what was being called for. Vance and I dropped Vaughn off at school, ran an errand, then went straight back to pick her up. It's slippery out there! They've been home together for 10 minutes and are already bickering! 

Be careful if it's bad where you are too!

2 Responses to “Snow day and No snow. Yet.”

  1. Just got some pictures from my Dad looks super pretty there. Must admit I miss a good snow day. Hope you are enjoying it :)

  2. It's been a perfect snow day! Blustery outside and cozy inside. Thankful that we're all home, safe and sound - even if the kids were just fighting over a small plastic fireplace game piece.



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