Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Update: Snow, Hair, and the Oscars.

I spent a couple of hours helping the kids make a snow fort on Friday. We started by using shovels but then resorted to smaller instruments, namely soup ladles. Turns out they were perfect for the job. This was the first phase and sadly I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Vance stood up, looked to me, and said, "My pinky finger feels weird. Wait. I can't even feel it." We hurried in after that. 

Perhaps our biggest excitement over the weekend was Vance's decision of getting his hair cut. His hair has been long for so long - I'm not used to seeing his ears! I have to admit that's it's nice having one less head of hair to deal with in the morning! 

The Oscars are like my Superbowl - the closing of award season. I look forward to them every year and try to get everyone else pumped up for them also. 

Champagne for the adults! Italian sodas for the kids! 

I made chocolate Oscars but they turned out a little wonky - but they were still cute and dressed up bowls of ice cream for dessert. 

Vaughn led the pack on attire. She suggested fancy outfits and we humored her...for about 30 minutes. Then we changed back into comfy clothes.  

Hope everyone had a fun weekend too!

3 Responses to “Weekend Update: Snow, Hair, and the Oscars. ”

  1. This is so cute!!!!! I love Vaughn's tiara. So sweet. I think your Oscar's turned out darling. Looks like a perfect family night and great memories for all.

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous Oscar par-Tay...love the chocolate oscars! What a fancy group you have!

  3. Fancy group over there! Love the chocolate oscars!



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