Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Happy October 1st! Boo to You!

 My excitement for Halloween started with a cute toddler voice requesting to see the "pooky" stuff at Target. Before this I was not a fan of anything Halloween but the mispronunciation of the word spooky made me a sucker for this time of year.

The year was 2006, Vance's second Halloween. Seeing him get so excited about everything made me excited which I guess is how this parenting thing usually works out.

It started slowly, each year gaining more momentum. I picked up another tombstone for the front yard last week so I'm still adding to our collection. Justin tried adding, "Oh, is this our one new Halloween decoration for the year? Well, good choice!" Ha! I agreed but we both know that there will be more. (One can never have enough stuffed ravens.)

We started celebrating the beginning of October yesterday afternoon with Halloween music playing on Pandora. The kids and I love it, it's so much fun! Justin walked into the house from work and just shook his head. 32 more days, Buddy! 

I'm off to drag out the decorations! 
Tell me, are you a Halloween fan? 

2 Responses to “Happy October 1st! Boo to You!”

  1. I am a fan although I'm not too motivated to get our decor out right now!! Thanks for the motivation ;)

  2. Around here we could take or leave Halloween. It wasn't really ever a big "hit" with Logan. This year he said he really isn't even sure he wants to go out an trick or treat. A little part of me is sad....it's just another sign he is too grown up :(



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