Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wanted: Superbowl Snack Ideas

My goal for today is to find a way to happy up about this whole Superbowl thing that is quickly approaching. I have shared my dislike of football before so this should come as no surprise. I am holding strong with the idea that the only reason to be excited for the Superbowl is because it marks the end of football season. Hoo-ray. 

This is the first year in many that we will be attending a party and I do not know what to bring. Last year, just for us, I made these football brownies and they are an option but thought I would ask for recommendations. I know Pinterest is swarming with ideas but I want something that has been tried and true. 
Help me! What's your favorite appetizer/dessert to bring to a party? 

2 Responses to “Wanted: Superbowl Snack Ideas”

  1. I did something like these 2 years ago and they were a HUGE hit.

    Not sure if you want it to be football themed but for NYE I brought antipasto skewers and they were a hit too.

    Good luck :)

  2. Thanks so much Karen!!!



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