Thursday, February 20, 2014

My First Stitch Fix Box

I caved and ordered my first Stitch Fix box after being snowed in for countless days with two kids, dwindling groceries, and the reality that I wouldn't be going to the mall anytime soon.

I admit I have grown accustomed to the services of my Amazon Prime account and am used to having whatever I need delivered within 2 days time. Be it battery operated tea lights, long underwear, dishwashing detergent, or even shoes. That is why Stitch Fix seemed so intriguing. Could it really be that easy? I documented the entire event to share with you in case you were wondering too. Let's do this.

First things first, you must fill in your style survey on the Stitch Fix site. There, you enter in your likes, dislikes, tell them the types of clothes/accessories that you want them to shop for, and choose a delivery date. 

Here is what mine looked like when I got it: 

A style guide is always included to give styling ideas.

A labeled bag is also included for returns. 

Now the fun part! Here are the selections that were made for me.
$110 Splendid cardigan 
 $80 Zula polka dot cardigan
 $110 Splendid knit sweater
$80 Kensie mixed material sweater 
$80 41 Hawthorn jacket

I was amazed that everything fit perfectly and there was only one item that I did not like (the red jacket). I thought that was pretty impressive for the first time! I have heard from others that it took a couple of tries for their stylist to "get" their style, but I think mine did a great job for the first go round.

I ended up not keeping anything from this round. It was hard justifying this much money on clothes for a season that is (hopefully!) almost over with. I was the one who asked for winter clothes but was not thinking of the timing and price points so the finger of blame is my own. (It was really hard letting the striped knit sweater go because it was so soft and comfortable. However, the loops of the knit were wide and I could just see a potential child-related snag in the future.)

Returns are easy - just put unwanted items into the bag and drop it in the mail. I am planning on trying it out again and now is probably a good time since spring is right around the corner. 

Let me know what you think!

*Not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share the experience.

3 Responses to “My First Stitch Fix Box”

  1. Let me know what you get from spring...still on the fence with this stitch fix. Seems a little can get the same or close to the look for much less I think. But it is always fun getting surprises in the mail ;) shiz...hire me out as your personal stylist.

  2. Fun stuff. I too gave it a try and had a little sticker shock on the items they sent me(I only had 1 item under $100). I did like that they sent me some things I probably wouldn't have picked out for myself and then as Charity said found the same look for less somewhere else. :)

  3. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Received my first Stitch Fix today! Loving the experience. I have freckles so I like to stay away from polka dots but I'm loving your Zula Polka Dot Cardigan! I kept one thing and will be posting soon! Glad I found you and hope you document your next Fix!



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