Thursday, April 17, 2014

Reclaiming The Dining Room

We are ready for the next step in our dining room and I have cold feet. Instead of screaming, "abort!, abort!" I am going to calmly talk through this. 

I have written about the dining room here and I swear I have told the story on how we got the reclaimed barn wood but I can't seem to find it. Long story short, we made a long trek to the wood guy's house, hand-picked each piece of wood in the rain and there you go. We have wood. More specifically, we have wood from a torn down dairy barn in IL. Moo.

Before the wood can go up on the wall we needed to paint the wall black. Having a dark background will help hide where the boards do not sit flush on top of one another. Remember? They are old, bumpy, and inconsistent. 

(Are my cold feet why the reason why this black paint doesn't bother me? It looks good! Let's hang some moulding and call it done!) 

My brother and sister-in-law have done this in their house and have been walking us through each step. After our last conversation I learned that in addition to screws, the boards are also glued onto the wall. Using glue means less screw holes, which makes sense, but also means new drywall if we don't like the end result and want to rip it down.

There are also decisions that need to be made about pattern and board size. Our boards are a mix of 6" wide and 12" wide and deciding a pattern for the wall is like one huge puzzle. Factor in the varying color of the boards and now our puzzle is even trickier. See why painting seems easier?!? 

If anyone has just cause to object this dining room project speak now or forever hold your peace.  

Time's a wasting. First piece is scheduled to go up on Friday night.

Just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, here are some examples.

Source: Elle D├ęcorreclaimed wood wall as accent
  Source Not Known

4 Responses to “Reclaiming The Dining Room”

  1. you are sooooo brave. I love this idea. we are just getting started in our home and I am scared to pick out friggin bathroom tile.

    I think I am a commitment phobe.

  2. I've always liked black in dining rooms for some reason. It will look great but why isn't the niche painted sis?

  3. Just do your homework, look at everything so you know you've seen it all. Trust your gut and just pick one! I'm worried too but I love all the wood walls I see so we're just going with it. Justin always reassures me, "It's just drywall, babe. We can always replace it."

    The niche is in limbo right now. We're still deciding but in hindsight we should have just painted it black. I'll keep you updated!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  4. I love the look of both!!!!! Keep us updated. You can't loose either way you go :)



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