Friday, October 03, 2014

Questions Answered

Hang with me for just one more "boring" post. I feel I have to address these questions before moving on to the normal, fun stuff.  

"Why did you have to change the name of this site?" 

You know that paint color or wallpaper that you thought you could live with for awhile? But then it just drove you crazy and you couldn't get your mind off of how much it bothered you??? That was how I felt with the old name and what it meant and stood for me, personally. I needed a change.  

I felt I had outgrown Madtown Macs since it was with me in the early stages of life with kids. Consider Madtown Macs as Act One - Me with babies! and Charisa Darling as Act Two - Me figuring out what to do without the babies since they grew up! Plus, Madtown Macs was never a name I liked and I've been wanting to change it for years. I spoke with a professional in the business and it helped me to decide to change the name and not just start a whole new blog. 

"Who is Charisa Darling?"

Just a character. (Wait - there's something we've never talked about. The H in my name is silent. As in, it's pronounced like Carisa. No cha-cha involved, unless we're dancing!) The items I make are often referred to as being darling, so I went with it.

"Why did you take a break from blogging?" 

I needed to not think about it for awhile. Blogging has changed a lot in the past few years, especially with Pinterest. I believe Pinterest is the best and worst thing to happen to bloggers. I grew tired of fighting people who had stolen my content and ideas. I could go on and on but won't. Long story short - I just needed some space. 

"How will the site be different?"

Honestly, the content won't change too much. It will still be about my life, creative ideas, and how I look to make everyday fun. Don't worry - the same amount (or maybe more!) of writing on random subjects like how I think the new toothpaste I bought tastes like pickles. (Justin thinks I'm nuts, but what's new?)
I'm slowly working on the design. In the end, I'd love to have a better commenting system and organized drop-down menus with categories which make recipes and crafty stuff easier to find, but that takes money and I'm currently blowing all mine trying to find toothpaste that doesn't taste like pickles.


I hope that makes everything clear now. Please remember to update your feed preferences as I soon will be deleting the Madtown Macs feeds and I'd love to make this switching over process as seamless as I can. (I know I'm having issues with Bloglovin' right now. I'm working on it.)

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

3 Responses to “Questions Answered”

  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    So glad you clarified all the changes. So glad your continuing because i just love your blog! Mom

  2. Glad you're back sis! I just love your blog too-it's just so darling...

  3. I'm not sure if my comment went through or not...sometimes it' hard to read the numbers but anyway so glad you're back to blogging! I love your blog too and I just think it's darling... ;)



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