Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Goldilocks of Halloween Decorations

Growing up, my family only decorated the house for Christmas, no other holidays. It just wasn't my mom's thing. I do remember one ceramic jack-o-lantern shaped candle holder and I loved getting it out when I was young. (I still have it and my kids know how important it is to me.) As I got older, I'd bring home bales of hay, cornstalks, and pumpkins to create a fall facade on our front porch. 
I needed more. 

My best friend in high school's mom went all out for every holiday. No corner of their house was left undone, including holiday themed snack jars in the pantry. I loved it and felt lucky to be part of it every year. However, helping out with the decorating and un-decorating, I knew it was a bit too stressful for me. 
It was too much.

I've found my own balance that works for me. I decorate the dining room table, the mantle, the sofa table, and a few other decorations get sprinkled here and there. 
Just right. 

Last year someone dropped by my house around Halloween time, saw my decorations, and quickly mentioned that they don't decorate because they never have people over. It was an interesting comment because I've never thought about it that way before. No one really ever comes to our house - I decorate for holidays because it's something I like to do and I think it's fun for the kids.
That's it. 

Do you decorate for Halloween? What's your favorite decoration?


I recently bought these skull drinking glasses with the intent of replacing the kid's old Halloween cups. The kids, however, did not share my feelings and gasped at the notion of getting rid of the old ones. I thought my associates were more mature, but clearly they are still adamant about acting their age. 

Today's happy accident was finding spider web designs imprinted onto the dining room chairs. The table runner had been setting on top of the chair for a bit and this is what I saw when I picked it up. A reminder that I do really need to recover the chairs and say buh-bye to the brown microfiber. 

Have a great day!

2 Responses to “The Goldilocks of Halloween Decorations”

  1. I didn't put one Halloween decoration out last year except for decorating the front door. This year I just did a few things on the table behind the couch, on our kitchen island and haven't touched the front door! The kids do love it but these days I'm more into displaying fall decor that I can keep out until Christmas!

  2. I have three phases of decorating for this time of year. I start out with the "autumn" decor, which stays out until the Christmas decor comes out...then gradually bring out halloween (just did this yesterday) and by the first week of November, the halloween goes away and the turkey day stuff comes out.

    I have a little display in the dining room, a few things on the mantle and other flat surfaces that are in the foyer, living room and hall...a few things on the top of my kitchen cabinets, and a few things in the guest bathroom.

    My husband loves that I decorate for each major holiday. I guess they didn't do much when he was growing up.



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