Monday, December 01, 2014

Ice Storm!

Patio ice skating, anyone?
I had many plans today and none involved school being cancelled due to an ice storm. I had zero knowledge of even a chance for this and here I am now, iced inside with the kids, and no salsa...or juice, and only one egg, which makes it hard to have quiche for dinner and to make cookies, like I promised the kids we'd do after school today. They didn't know about the quiche, but it might be divine intervention since they didn't dig it the last time I sprung it on them.

At least I'll be home to celebrate one of the holiest of holidays, Cyber Monday. My email is buzzing with deals and hopefully I'll be able to get some shopping done today!

(Look at that! One day after NaBloPoMo and I'm still going. Who would have thought?!)

Happy December 1st! Question of the day - how's your weather?

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