Thursday, December 11, 2014

No Chimney? No Problem! Leave Santa a Magic Key

No chimney? No problem! Ease those curious minds by leaving a magical key on the front door so Santa can let himself in on Christmas Eve.

Click HERE for the printable and print it out on the paper of your choice.

Cut along the edges of the tag,  punch a hole, 

and attach a key using ribbon, string, or twine. I found my magical key at a craft store.

Have your little one hang it on the outside door on Christmas Eve!

4 Responses to “No Chimney? No Problem! Leave Santa a Magic Key”

  1. Love this idea! I came across those skeleton keys at the craft store today and didn't have an idea of what to make with it. Thanks for giving me one! #MadeforKids

  2. We've done this tradition for many years, and my kids love to hang the key out for Santa! Thanks for the great printables!

  3. What an adorable idea!

  4. I need need to do this! My kids have been asking for some reason this year how Santa will get in without a chimney. Love the printable! Thanks for sharing at #made4kids!



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