Monday, January 26, 2015

Jewel of a Friend Valentine's: Free Printable!

I made these "Jewel of a Friend" valentine's for my daughter's classmates last year, but just now updated it with a printable to make Valentine's one step easier of you! The jewel eraser rings can still be found at Target or at Oriental Trader. 

All you need to do is print out the printable HERE onto the paper of your choice (I used colorful card stock), punch a hole, have your child write their name, and tie the eraser onto the card. Easy and a nice break from candy! (The original post from last year can be seen below.)
Valentine's Day. Wether you love it or loathe it, if you have kids, they are going to want to hand something out to their friends. Here is a quick little hand made card if buying a box of licensed character cards with tattoos isn't your thing. 

When coming up with ideas for Valentine's I always try to remember two things. One, your child has to like it and two, it will be thrown away so do not spend too much time on it. This was a cinch and I only spent a whopping $3. Here goes.

The inspiration for these were the giant jewel ring erasers that I found at Target. 24 of them came in the bag and they were $3. 

I could have done the next step in many different ways including just hand writing the saying onto paper but I decided to get a little fancier. I used PicMonkey to design the words and banner then uploaded it into Pages (or Word for PC users) to get the dashed line around it. Make sure to leave enough space for a signature and for a hole to be punched. I printed mine out on colored card stock that I already had on hand. 
After printing, I cut them out and rounded the corners with an edge clipper. 

From this point on my daughter took over. She signed her name and stuck on a few jewel stickers that we had from a leftover project. I used a hole punch to punch the hole and twine to attach the ring erasers. Super simple!

What about you? Are you a buyer or a maker when it comes to classroom Valentine's?

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