Thursday, January 22, 2015

Us against the Mountains

Every year when planning family vacations Justin mentions skiing and every year he gets out voted for a warmer destination. Not this year though! He finally got his wish and it may just end up becoming a yearly vacation. 

Skiing, for me, is as much physical as it is mental. Maybe even more so. First day? No problem. I remembered the basic moves from skiing as a kid and I was the only one who didn't fall. Second day?   First half, no problem. Second half, I was DONE. I had my first, second, and third fall of the day and veered off course and ended up having to do a run of moguls to get down. I saw things differently from that point on and it took another whole day to get over the mental block I had created in my head. However, I do enjoy skiing and love the fact that it's something that families of all ages can do together.

I think trying new and challenging things together makes relationships grow. We cheered for each other, we helped each other up (physically and mentally!), and laughed at ourselves more times than we can count.

The kids loved skiing and it brought the best of their attitudes out. Vance, my shy and timid child, is a daredevil on the slopes and was always up for trying harder and difficult runs. Vaughn fell 30 times the first day and never once gave up. On the second day, something clicked and it was smooth sailing from there on out. I'm so proud of both of them!

 The mountains are beautiful and we were thankful to have great weather for the entire week. Glad we remembered sunscreen!

Lindsey Vaughn?
Cheers, to a great family vacation and looking forward to many more!

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