Thursday, March 05, 2015

Cinnamon Rolls vs. My Kids

Several weeks ago, on a lazy morning, the kids asked me to make them cinnamon rolls and it occurred to me that they've never made them on their own. That's right, my almost 10 and 7 year olds have never made pre-made cinnamon rolls, something I'm sure I could've done with my eyes closed when I was their age.

I was in the middle of something so I suggested they try making them by themselves. What unfolded before my eyes was sad and pitiful. They struggled with every step and the oldest one gave up when they couldn't get the rolls out of the can. "I'm just gonna make toast!" I heard him say so I stepped in to tell him, "Oh no, you're not!" and have a quick chat about not giving up when something gets difficult. It was at that point where the younger one took the lead and without her the cinnamon rolls would never have gotten done.

Later that day I was folding the kids laundry and came across an impressive amount of clothes that I knew had not been dirty in the first place. Already balled socks that have never been worn and shirts that were tried on and easier to put in the dirty clothes, rather than hanging them back up. Also, I had done their laundry 3 days ago, so how on earth could there be 5 pairs of dirty pajama pants?

I blew. I had had enough. While I love to be their Mom, take care of them, and do things for them, it's high time they start spreading their wings a bit and learning some responsibility.

Since that point, Vance does his own laundry (and I can't seem to keep him out of the kitchen, but that's a story for another day). I still have to remind him to check his dirty clothes to see if he needs to run a load, but he carries them down and starts the washer himself. If he's around, he puts them into the dryer, but if not, I'll do that for him. Same goes for folding. Vaughn likes to do hers too, but I help her a bit more. Her specialty is taking out the trash which she does when she sees a full can.

Baby steps, but it's a start.

What do your kids do around the house to help out?

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2 Responses to “Cinnamon Rolls vs. My Kids”

  1. Anne DeToye Moore10:06 AM

    Oh Charisa. This is something I continue to struggle with and my kids are 15 and 12! I don't believe in allowances because I think that we all have to do things around the house just because we exist as family in this household. (Nobody pays me to cook and clean and grocery shop and do laundry, etc.) And while both of my kids will do what I ask without (much) complaint, neither take any initiative on their own. Joey (12 years old) empties the cat litter and does the trash and recycling - when I ask. Emma (15 years old) used to be tasked with doing her own laundry. However, she never did it. She just wore dirty clothes all the time. I finally gave up and started doing her laundry again when we cleaned out her room. I filled the back of my 4Runner with her dirty clothes and had to take it to the laundromat. I'd still be doing laundry at home! Emma is a varsity cheerleader and is so busy with games and practices and competitions, and then homework, I don't ask her to do as much around the house. She will cook dinner (vodka cream pasta only) if I ask her. I wish they'd take the initiative.

    1. Hi Anne! Thanks! That's the word I should've used in the post - initiative. That's what I'm wanting from them (and not laziness, especially in the laundry dept.!) The kids asked for chores, but it just ended up being another chore for me - reminding them to do their chores, so that went out the window. We're busy as well with all their activities and finding time to fit everything in was just too much. Hoping to make some little changes now and that they will snowball as time goes on. We'll see!

      P.S. I remember your room as a kid much like Emma's! Am I wrong? :)



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