Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ways the Kids Mess with Me: Reason Numero Uno

"It's like it's the Great Depression and syrup is scarce. I have to utilize every drop."

These were Vance's comments one morning last week, obviously not happy about the amount of syrup that I had poured onto his waffles. I've never heard him use the word scarce much less talk about the Great Depression, so there you go. Proof that he's learned something this school year.

And then there's this, which may be hard to tell from the picture, but it's a twisty tie on a bread bag that isn't twisted but tied in a knot to close. That's right, tied in a knot. I don't know if they're trying to mess with me or if they've forgotten the basics of life, but I can't tell you how frustrating it is when I'm trying to make lunches in the morning and can't figure out how to unlock the bread. I untwist this way, nope! I untwist the opposite way, nope! It's the Fort Knox of bread bags! When I start making a "Ways the Kids Mess with Me" list, this is going to be number one. Count on it to grow quickly because school's out in just two and a half days.

2 Responses to “Ways the Kids Mess with Me: Reason Numero Uno ”

  1. This made me laugh out loud. Thanks! :)

  2. Jack's syrup this morning was "scarce" as well! He wouldn't finish his waffles because they were too dry! lol...need to get to the store!



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