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Love to Cook, Hate to Plan: Weekly Dinner Menu (Plus Free Printables!) (Week 12)

Week of 9/21 - 9/27

On Monday I'm making Justin's favorite salad, Pasta House salad. It's a knock-off from the restaurant's famous salad, one with romaine, artichokes, pimento, plenty of parmesan cheese, and an oil and vinegar dressing. It's not the kids favorite, so I'll make a Caesar salad for them. Baked potatoes for them, baked sweet potato for myself. An easy dinner to ease into the week!

Taco's on Tuesday! Traditional ground beef for them, beans for me, and guacamole for all! Ole!

I'm trying a new recipe on Wednesday - Bang Bang Shrimp pasta from Damn Delicious. I've had Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish Grill, so making it into a pasta dish sounds like a great idea! The recipe has really good reviews, but readers disagree about the sauce - whether to use mayo, sour cream, or greek yogurt. It calls for mayo, which I'm a bit leery of, but Chungah makes amazing food and I feel like I should just trust her and not alter her recipe. (I might chicken out though. I'll let you know!) Green beans to go with because the kids can't get enough of their haricot verts!

It's been awhile since we've had Indian, so Thursday it is! Chicken in a curry sauce (I'm a cheater and use a jar!), brown rice, roasted cauliflower, and naan. Namaste.

We're kickin' it old school on Friday and are having Tuna Casserole. The kids won't eat it at all, so I'll throw something quick together for them. We all agree on the asparagus and the kids and I love the canned, very non-nutritional, but oh, so good, jellied cranberry sauce. I'll feel like a kid again! Well, right up until I have to put my Mom Hat back on and hurry the kids out the door for Vaughn's softball game.

Kitchen in closed on Saturday! Going out for dinner!

Sunday is busy, so I'll throw chicken in a crock pot with a little chicken stock, salsa verde, and a bit of cream cheese. We'll use that to make quick soft tacos when we get back to the house and make a quick Mexican rice and guacamole to go along with.

Another week down! Anything good on your menu? Please share!
Be a trendsetter at the grocery store with these printable grocery lists. Très chic!
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Click HERE for half sheets
Make your friends envious with your mad organizational skills. They won't know what's for dinner on Tuesday, but you will!
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5 Responses to “Love to Cook, Hate to Plan: Weekly Dinner Menu (Plus Free Printables!) (Week 12)”

  1. Hello, there...your ability to plan dinners ahead fascinates me. The thought isn't even something I can comprehend in a "I could do this too" kind of way. But I do so love to read your menus. :) May I ask what jarred curry sauce you use? I love a mild curry. How much heat is in the one you use. Wishing I was there for chicken soft taco night...well, actually, wishing your crockpot full of yummy chicken and sauce was here 😀...Delphi

    1. I never thought I could do it either and never understood how others did it. Honestly, it's the post I never want to write. It takes a long time because we're busy every night and I have to cross reference the calendar and then think what kind of dinner will fit in that night. It would be so easy to not do it...but! Since I've been doing it, I've noticed changes.

      One, I'm not running to the store every day because I know what we're eating. Two, it's less stressful for me, planning wise on the day of. I'm not stressing at 3:30 on what to make for dinner. Three, I'm spending a bit less on food, which is always good! Four, the kids love to know what's for dinner. So, the hard work is paying off, so I'll continue!

      As for the curry sauce, I use Trader Joe's Curry Simmer Sauce, but am tempted to swing by our local Indian restaurant to see if they'll sell me a container of their sauce. It's so good! Let me know if you know of a good one too!

    2. Unfortunately, I only have one curry recipe in my toolbox and it calls for powdered curry spice. It's for a very good chicken breast/broccoli casserole but the sauce is one of those now considered decadent mixtures of cream soups and, eeek!, mayonnaise (with some other spices in addition to the curry), plus it's topped with dried bread crumbs. I love this dish (got the recipe from my mom...those are the best kinds, huh?), so I've tried curry in a few Indian restaurants here and there. What I've found is I'm a MILD curry lover. I'm looking forward to exploring a TJ's here though to see the Simmer Sauce...hopefully it comes in different heat levels. I really like the idea of chicken simmering in a curry sauce. Thank you for replying!

    3. You're exactly right - Mom's and Grandma's recipes are usually the best! :)

      TJ's sauce is pretty mild, especially when you factor in the rice and naan. If you're unsure, do as I do (because of the kiddos). I cook the chicken (you can sprinkle curry and turmeric powders on while it's cooking if you're feeling crazy), cut it into bite-sized chunks, add it back to the pan, and then add 1/2 of the jar. That way, the sauce isn't totally absorbed into the chicken. It's a cautious way to curry!



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