Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

1. Here's to kids that know how to rock a 'stache.
Mustaches were the theme for this week's half-day of school and I love that the kids were up for it! Could Vance's facial expression match that 'stache any better?  

2. Here's to my favorite gymnast!
Vaughn's gym holds a mach meet every last day of the session and the kids usually get pins to celebrate what they learned. This time, medals were handed out instead, making Vaughn one happy little lady. 

3. Here's to taking a technical step back in time.
For the first time ever, Vance brought an audio book home from his school library this week. I had no idea that they had these, nonetheless that they came with Discman's. I walked him through what a Walkman was and then told him about my first Discman, and boy, did he just want me to stop talking so he could get back to his book. 

4. Here's to keeping leftover guacamole green.
 It's not often that we actually have leftovers, but when we do it's nice to know how to keep it for an extra day, without it turning brown. The guac in the picture is 24 hours old and still looks pretty good. I've tried more than a few ways, but this seems the best by far. Just scoop it into a baggie and press all the air out. Easy!

5. Here's to The Stocking. 
Well, another week has gone by and I'm still not done. In fact, I've hardly worked on it at all. My only advancement is getting the arms done, but they still need to be tacked on. But first, tiny pearl bracelets need to be added, because what's a sugar plum fairy without jewelry? I've been putting the whole thing off because the last steps are painstakingly tedious and it's hard to watch Olivia Pope handle things and sew tiny beads at the same time. (Any other Scandal fans out there?)

That was my week, what are you celebrating tonight? Whatever it may be, Cheers!

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3 Responses to “Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity”

  1. Love keeping up with all of you and surely do appreciate all the good "hints" you post.

  2. Looks like a good week and take some video of Vaughn next time at gym so I can see her in action! Cheers to an awesome weekend...

  3. Yes to the guacamole! I've been lazy so I've been buying the store bought kind but I usually can only eat half of it. I threw it in a plastic bag once and I was surprised it wasn't brown the next day. Thanks for sharing the tip to all! :)



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