Friday, July 08, 2016

Friday 5 - Celebrating the Week

~ 5 things from the week ~

Here's to simple neighborhood fireworks.
(Being sarcastic here, folks. We were treated to a pretty amazing show without having to fight the crowds. I love how passionate some are about their fireworks! Happy 4th!)

Here's to the crops. 
(Look at the lengths I have to go to to keep the deer away! It's working though! I've had some minor set backs due to the deer actually pushing their way through the chairs, but I almost have full grown peppers and tomatoes, something I've never been able to do.) 

Here's to new school gear! 
(I'm not sure if I'm winning or losing at summer since the kids were excited to pick out their backpacks and lunch boxes so early. They were bummed that Target doesn't have their Back to School section complete yet either. They get their love of office supplies from me!)

 Here's to technology.
(We've been able to watch my nephew play in Cooperstown this week because they broadcast all games. It's been great seeing his team in action and an added bonus is that you can hear the fans and coaches, so we could recognize voices. Felt like we were there!)  

Here's to my climber.
(We may have found Vaughn's sport. She loves ringing the bell at the top - I lost count with how many times she got to the top. Maybe 20? She's like a ring-tailed lemur!)

Cheers to a great weekend!

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